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Defining success and the keys to achieving it. Rarely does anything of significant importance get completed in a timely and effective manner without goals established. If planning a major project, architecting a future career path or desiring to achieve something of great accomplishment, it is imperative to set goals. Goals should define the end result success desired as well as provide a clear path to how and when to achieve that success.  Most goal planning processes are too complicated and take too much time so the efforts fail early and often. Invest 20 minutes of time to participate in the Goal Setting online interactive program and another 20 minutes finalizing your plan and in less than one hour you will have a set of targeted and well defined goals that will guide you to achieve the success you desire. It is a proven goal setting model but simplified.  Additionally, the program adds a level of accountability training often missing in any goal setting effort to ensure goals are not only set but they are achieved.  Use this goal setting training, planning and the ongoing reinforcement tools to guide you in achieving more predictable success in your professional career and or personal life. Included in purchase: Goal Setting Online Course Alignment Exercise SMART Goal Guide SMART Goal Planners (4) Read More

LeaderShift Interactive reinforces the six shifts identified in the book, LeaderShift, that go to the very heart of how to build a cohesive, effective, winning team. Whether you are leading a multinational organization or a small local restaurant, the powerful yet deceptively simple message is for everyone who strives to be an exceptional team leader. As you navigate through the course, a downloadable guidebook will help you turn each shift into action by taking the core concepts and personalizing them through questions and activities to create your go-forward plan in making your LeaderShift. Read More

Bridging the Accountability Gap Individual accountability is one of, if not the most important trait, that defines an individual and their ability to deliver results consistently.  So are you accountable?  Like most, you probably would answer, "Yes, absolutely I am accountable!"  But are you?  Leading Accountability explores accountability with you by defining what being accountable truly is, not just in words, but also associated behaviors.   The program provides you with a quick assessment that measures your natural traits and propensity to being accountable and provides a baseline to measure your progress in enhancing your personal accountability. You will learn how to bridge the gap of accountability that exists in any organization to move from letting things happen to making things happening for you and your team.  When you see blame and justification happening or things begin to drift, you are the one to effectively intervene in a positive and productive way to provide a path to success. You will have a process and a plan to increase your personal accountability that you can share with others which could impact their ability to be more accountable. So even if you answered yes to the question, "Are you accountable?", the reality is, all of us can enhance our ability to become a role model of accountability for others to follow. Start today. Included in purchase: Leading Accountability Online Course Accountability Planning Guide Accountability Reinforcement Card Accountability Tip Sheet Read More

Change is going to happen, so why not be the one to start it? How do Post it Notes, UBER, I-“Anything”, AirBnB, Facebook, and app’s for everything come into existence and change how we live and work?  How do some people have what seems to be the natural ability to deal with obstacles and adversity in a positive and proactive manner and make things happen for themselves and those around them?  These are possible when people like you and me reframe our thinking and see possibilities for change in everything. It happens when we think beyond what is possible today and see a future that is different.  It happens when we learn to act with urgency and with a sense of passion and never stop in our efforts to continually think disruptively while not acting disruptively when roadblocks to anything occur. Leading Change will inspire you and create the energy you need to lead change and begin to make things happen for you and others rather than waiting for change to happen.  This online, highly interactive format provides tools and case study examples of how to see possibilities for change everywhere, even in obstacles and failure.  It delivers insight on how to think disruptively and not act disruptively in the face of challenge and helps you to create options and recommendations that lead to progress and breakthrough thinking.  The model for leading change learned in the program becomes a catalyst for you to act and never be resigned to or accept the status quo going forward.  Finally, it provides a dynamic change framework that allows you the capability to never stop your efforts to lead change and make a difference. Who knows, after experiencing the program you might even change the face of how we all live and work!  The possibility is there and what do you have to lose?  The world is all about change, make it happen today. Included in purchase: Leading Change Online Course Leading Change Guidebook Leading Change Tip Sheet Read More

Eight Online Mentoring Sessions You Can't Afford to Miss! Here is what you can't afford to miss in Monday Morning Leadership Interactive: A comprehensive participant’s guide to assist you in your leadership growth and development 24/7 access to the content so you can learn when and where it’s convenient for you *internet connection required You are guided through the program by Tony Pierce, your fictional but very knowledgeable and experienced virtual coach and mentor Activities to identify, develop and connect your organization to the “Main Thing” Tools to enhance your time effectiveness A process to continually identify and cultivate your organization’s talent landscape Coaching planners that will help you become a more effective coach Activities that will improve your team’s performance environment Actions that will increase both your personal and your team’s overall level of accountability And a goal setting tool that will assist you in developing very targeted leadership goals for the year, so you can become the leader you and your team want you to become So begin today… Try your first Monday, Passengers and Drivers, for free here! Read More

A Road Map to the Ever-Changing When changes happens expectedly, or unexpectedly, how do you react?  With the pace of change rapidly increasing and the comfort of what seemed more predictable now vanishing, it is imperative to show leadership in navigating change by everyone the organization.  This interactive program introduces an effective model and tools that allow you to personally navigate change when it happens to you.   You will gain insight and understanding to the behaviors that assist in navigating change and the behaviors that, if displayed, can have a negative impact and limit your ability to effectively deal with change as it occurs.     The Five 'A' Process for navigating change provides a simple but effective framework to not only deal with the change occurring now, but assists in anticipating future change thereby making it much easier to adapt to any future change efforts.   Each participant that completes the course will have a clear plan to effectively navigate any current change that might be impacting them, and leave with a simple set of tools and behaviors that will allow them to embrace and rapidly adapt and thrive in any future change. Faced with the new reality of constant change, it is imperative each of us learn to effectively and productively navigate change and turn the unpredictable into a more predictable outcome. Included in purchase: Navigating Change Online Course Navigating Change Workbook Change Reminder Guide 90 Personal Plan of Action Read More

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